Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lehigh Valley Half Marathon

Let me just start off with the fact that I do not recommend any of the following activities:

1. Going from months of complete sedentary life to finishing a half marathon.
2. Being an out-of-towner, showing up at a bar full of out-of-towners and drinking whatever beverages the cute bartender brings over your way, even if it is free of charge.
3. I should really emphasize item 2.
4. I should also add over here that item 2 should NEVER EVER happen on the day before a long run, like, a half marathon.
5. Item 2 should really NEVER EVER happen on the day before a half marathon ESPECIALLY if said half marathon is your first run of the season.

So basically, I showed up in Allentown, PA this past Saturday afternoon for the race packet pick up and expo so that I could run in the half on Sunday. After I was done with the race things, I went over to the Allentown Brew Works for a quick little lunch. I sat at the bar and order their pulled pork sandwich and asked the bartender for a beverage to go with. He thought their Pilsener would go well, so that was what I had ... on my own volition.

While I sat there, I watched the game (Mets vs Atlanta) and sent a few text messages over to H. He decided not to come with me this year, and this was my first race without him, so I was missing him a little.

Since it was still quiet at the restaurant, and being alone, the bartender gave me some company and threw a sample of their Wit over my way. I freakin' LOVED the Steelgaarden Wit. When this became known to the bartender, I received a few more glasses of the Wit.

After a little while, the ladies next to me had ordered a very pretty mixed drink - it was a vibrant shade of pink. Seeing my intrigue, the bartender gave me a bit of the pretty pink concoction - a watermelon martini. It was incredibly tasty.

By now, it was closing in on 4 o'clock, and I desperately needed some water. So after paying my tab, and having pinky swore that I would return for dinner (the Roadrunner Pasta had me all sorts of intrigued), I stumbled my way back to my hotel room.

And there I remained for the rest of the night. I eventually started to puke, and it basically didn't stop until well past midnight. Somewhere between drinking bottles and bottles of water and puking, I had managed to place a wake up call in the early morning. After five hours of sleep, I woke up with the headache and nausea entirely gone. I decided to run in the half just for the sake of finishing and to ignore my time entirely.

That was exactly what I did. I'm not going to mention my time here because it is incredibly slow, but considering the fact that I did not train, and having had the worst hang over I have EVER had ... the mere act of finishing 13.1 miles (and not being sick afterwards might I add) isn't too shabby.

And a note to the cute bartender - I'm so sorry for not coming back, though I tried my very best. The thing is ... the Porcelain God just would not let me leave his alter.


Angry Runner said...

Good Lord!!! You're the real deal running that race after a night like that.

Well done. And you're right- the time does not matter.

Overpronator said...

Thanks Angry :)

So I'm thinking about doing a full marathon in the beginning of June ... as in ... June 1st. Think it's possible for me to get my out of shape ass into gear for 26.2?

Angry Runner said...

if you can muscle through a half while hungover, can probably muscle through a full. I would not recommend it, but if you get a few longer runs in you can probably pull it off...painfully...